Milano Glassworks is a premier glass art studio based outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



About the Artist

Founder and lead artist Joseph Milano began his career as a graphic designer in Lincoln, Nebraska. Upon migrating to Philadelphia as a young adult, Milano studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, where he was exposed to a wide variety of materials and techniques. After years of experience working in media as varied as graphic design and screen-printing, to woodworking and calligraphy, he put all his talents to work mastering the art of stained glass window fabrication and restoration. Throughout his career Milano has studied and collaborated with some of the most significant artists, restorers, and historians of stained glass in the United States, and has extensive experience in all aspects of his trade. From historic Tiffany restorations to custom work for movies and television, he has become recognized as one of the premier artists in the industry. 

Drawing from his traditional glazing and painting skills, he has recently developed a new painting process, known simply as Milano-Ti™, which emulates the translucency of etched glass, but allows for far superior rendering of detail. Please visit our gallery for examples of this exciting new work.

Milano Glassworks began full-time operation in 1993, and has remained a small, family-run studio ever since.

Our Mission

At Milano Glassworks, we strive to provide our clients with timeless art and absolute satisfaction. 

We are dedicated to both the preservation of history and the evolution of craft: we use only the highest-quality materials, and pride ourselves on superb craftsmanship. Every project that comes into our studio is tailored to the particulars of each client's environment. Joseph works closely with clients to develop original designs best suited for the architecture and desired function of the space, considering every aspect from the history of the site to the lighting. Designs often incorporate specific details unique to each client and/or subject matter, ensuring one-of-a-kind works of art.