Services & Expertise

Milano Glassworks has over 25 years of professional glass experience. We work with architects, designers, and homeowners to create unique and lasting works of glass art. Whether you are looking for consultation on a historic stained glass restoration or a custom entryway for your home, we offer a variety of services and products to meet your needs. 



Custom window design, fabrication and installation

Historic restoration consultation, fabrication and installation

Logo, Monogram & Lettering design


Glass painting (historic and modern techniques; specializing in realism and portraiture)

Milano-Ti™ (our own titanium etched process; see gallery for examples)

Stained Glass | Traditional Lead Caming | Cold Lamination | Silver-Staining | Gold & Silver Leaf | Acid Etching | Sand-blasting | Silk-screening | French embossing | Reverse painting | Glue-chipping | Fusing | Casting | Thermal Forming


Milano Antique Mirror: Dotato Milano has developed a wide range of antique mirror finishes. Sample sets will be available soon, please inquire about your specific project.

Commercial Entryways: Doors, Transoms & Sidelites

Custom Residential Entryways: Doors, Transoms & Sidelites

Bathroom privacy windows, doors and enclosures

Kitchen cabinet inserts


Milano Glassworks has over 25 years of experience in historic restoration. Expertise in stained glass restoration, historic glass painting techniques, restoration lead caming, including structural and support systems, restoration of framing matrix in wood, stone and steel. Capabilities in design, fabrication and installation of protective glazing systems for historic properties.


RenovoGlass™ a complete line of custom “restoration” glass products for historic fenestration purposes. For 24 years we have made a variety of simulated historic window glasses, from our traditional cylinder glass RenovoGlass™ (C 1870 - 1900) RenovoGlass™ Colonial (C 1700 - 1840’s), to RenovoGlass™ HP (High Performance), we strive to have the right solution for your restoration window needs. See our blog page on “restoration” glasses for more information about our progressive historic glass products.

Technical Capabilities

Design, specification, fabrication, and installation of kiln fired glass, hand painted stained glass, opalescent glass, beveled glass, acid etched glass, gilded glass, thermoformed glass, glue chipped glass, custom laminated glass.

Cold-lamination (Our work can be cold laminated to meet safety requirements*)

*excludes traditional stained glass, which requires separate insulated glass unit for safety and weather protection.