Milano Glassworks New Logo

Here it is! Milano Glassworks gets a new logo, website and jumps into the blog/social media foray. After years of mostly strict adherence to my luddite principals, the time just feels right to join the 21st century. So I guess an old dog can learn new tricks... well we'll see, you be the judge. For now I'm excited to share my new work with friends, old and new, and anyone who might find my little world interesting. 

While I'm no David A. Smith, I do love lettering and ephemera and the great lettering traditions of the past. Actually David's work inspired me to dust off some of my old pens, sharpen my pencils and go back to the drawing boards. I even bought some new gear! It feels rewarding to put a pencil to paper, feel the subtle smooth drag of graphite on paper. Then the smell of good ink and the crisp contrast of dark ink as it meets the paper. It's a bit of a transition from that all to fickle glass I've been slaving over all these years. And yes, my glasswork has always had drawing components, hand lettering design is a specific set of skills and techniques that you have to experience for yourself to appreciate.

This my edited draft for now. Once I have a little more "free" time I'll add all the details and put it out there. Hope you like it, it works for now. I'll be adding news and sharing some of my new projects and revisiting older projects that I like. Until then, thanks for looking and sharing.



MG Outline Logo  small.png