To Sadie!

The longest day...

We all develop routines, some we are not even fully aware of, that is until something changes.

For me that day came when I was not awoken by my faithful companion of nearly 11 years, Sadie. “Sadiebaby” was not a perfect dog, she had many quirks, but so do I. Somehow we developed a symbiotic relationship. Each of us had our part, she needed me and I needed her. We gave each other purpose, she made me smile on those bad days, comforted me on those hard days and never left my side. She shared in those amazing days too, beautiful walks or just sitting together and not speaking a word, just being.

I could count on her like no other. Like my shadow she was just there, quietly in the background of my life. Always nearby when an excuse was needed to distract yourself and get lost in the greatness of unconditional love with a truly loyal friend.

I hope everyone has experienced such a wonderful relationship. And yes it’s very hard when you lose your best friend. When all those routines get thrown out of place and your compass in life loses its north pole gently guiding you through the day. 

It’s been the longest day since she passed. There is an unsettling quiet in the house. All those un-noticed routines are all now screaming silence full of emptiness. Still I don’t have a single regret. I’d do it all again in a second. 

None of our friends are perfect. We are all flawed in one way or another. I’m so thankful to have had a partner who understood my flaws and accepted me for who I am, loved me no matter what I did or said. I’m truly grateful to have all those memories, bringing smiles to my face, making me laugh even years later. And today as I sit sobbing like a child, I would not give that up either, for they are tears of joy. The joy you can only know when you’ve experienced what it is to have such a great and loving friend. Her memory will be the glue that holds this old broken heart together and gives me comfort even now.

Raise a glass with me, to Sadie! She will live forever in my heart and soul. A man’s best friend, my beloved dog and faithful companion, Sadie.