Spring Cleaning!

The flowers are blooming and spring is in the air! I'm always inspired by nature as I watch new growth come after the dark days of winter. So I've been out with the camera taking photos for a planned new series of artwork. With so many choices for subjects coming into bloom each week, I thought it would be good to ask... what are your favorites? Magnolias and Iris typically top my list, but I love a lot of others too.

Please weigh in, especially you women! Whether you got dirt under your fingernails from digging in the garden or just admire them from afar, let's hear your opinion.

For those in the Media, PA area, I've been doing some spring cleaning too. I dusted off some stained glass windows and have put them in Past Life Designs, store in Media. Aimee Kosta has opened her new shop, an eclectic emporium of items for all kinds of interests! I'll be adding more in the upcoming months and who knows, your flower suggestions might just be on display, so let me hear your thoughts and stop in on Aimee when you are out and about in Media!